Travel France


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When choosing a place to travel or vacation most people think of France. This may be why France is the most visited country in the world. France has many attractions that draw people in to make the decision to visit France. Beautiful beaches, wonderful mountain scenery and more monuments than any other country.   Add in the amazing cities and “The City of Light” Paris, France. France is a place known for its food and wines and the pleasant atmosphere of the people who live there. France is also one of the few countries where cars are driven on the right side lanes making the traveling seem familiar to tourists.   France is also known for its art and is said to be the birthplace of Gothic Art and Baroque Architecture and is home to famous Gothic Art in basilicas and cathedrals. France for decades has been regarded as the premier wine-making country with traditions tracing back to the sixth century B.C. French has the second largest acreage of vineyards with over two million acres.   French vineyards are also breath taking sites to behold thus making the visit not only appeals to the taste of the wines but also the visual beauty of the country side where its grown. France is home to food lovers and contains an expansive food culture. The French produce over four hundred different kinds of cheese and consume enough cheese to provide forty five pounds of cheese per person in the country in one year.   French desserts and pastries are also a delectable among tourists. Favorites include Croissants, Éclair’s, and Cream puffs to name a few. Every year over 78 million people visit France and it is easy to see why France is the top destination for vacations and sight seeing trips. If a tourist is considering a destination for their next vacation France should be at the top of their list. With Amazing Cities, Beautiful views, and a deep food culture who could go wrong.