Ski Area Alpes du Sud

reflets des sommets dans un lac

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The Southern portion of the Alps, called Alpes du Sud in French, is the southern most portion of the famed and renowned mountain chain known simply as the Alps. The southern section of the French Alps is a slightly less crosed and less touristy area, ideal for those seeking to truly experience skiing at its finest and not be inundated with tourist attractions and traps. The ski area located within the Alpes du Sud is an area which is ripe with plenty to see and o, even at the slower and more relaxed pace and atmosphere the area provides. From full service resorts, to rental chalets to bed and breakfast inns; the area has lodging options for all styles, tastes and budgets. Low key, smaller inns and chalets are suitable for those seeking to only have a place to relax between challenging runs down the mountain. For those seeking a more luxurious and pampering experience, higher end resorts offer plenty of amenities, services and lavishly furnished and decorated rooms and suites. The skiing itself is available through resorts, private ski resorts and open areas which are best left for the highly experienced skiers only. Skiing the French Alps is a luxury not everyone can afford to do, especially for those living far away from the area. However, those lucky enough to experience the thrill of skiing one of the most renowned, beloved and infamous ski areas in the world will have a lifetime of memories; even if only one pass down the mountain is ever made. Once in the area of Alpes du Sud, visitors should also make sure to experience the assortment of small cafes, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, ski attire shops and other establishments which dot the area and line the streets. Making sure to take the time to stroll through the area and gaze up at the magnificent mountains will heightened your senses and truly help you appreciate the French Alps and their natural beauty, glory and charm.